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Program Curriculum

dreamstimesmall 4064176At Holy Trinity Episcopal School of Gainesville, we believe that playful experiences with materials, objects, other children, and caring adults help children develop physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially.  We instill a love of learning in each child as we believe all children can learn.  Through the use of the Beyond Cribs and Rattles and Beyond Centers and Circle Time Curriculum, as well as other research-based programs, we are able to reach these goals.  
dreamstimesmall 27874990Our interdisciplinary program inspires the development of the whole child – socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively.  We create a rich and stimulating environment so that children may develop a love of learning; we offer activities that will enable each child to experience success; we try to encourage children to be creative and to appreciate that quality in others.  The children learn to interact with one another as part of a larger, formative community.
Children explore, experiment, and create in areas that include Emergent Literacy, Emergent Math, Block Construction, Fluid Play, Dramatic Play, Art, Cooking, Outdoor Play, Carpentry, Gardening, and more.  Children learn through their senses and by interacting with their environment—a hands-on approach to learning.  The teachers have a significant role in this play of children as they introduce and guide the themed-play in each environment with quality children’s literature.
girl in swingThe children at Holy Trinity Episcopal School of Gainesville are treated with respect and encouraged to respect others. Conscious Discipline, a comprehensive self-regulation program, integrates social-emotional learning with classroom management and encourages and teaches children to work together.
Our goal is to provide a safe, loving, faith-based environment in which your child will value herself/himself as well as others. We strive to make the children's day an extension of their home life – a day filled with mutual respect, love, warmth, and opportunities to discover and learn about the world around them.

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)

dreamstimesmall 1820401Our school offers Florida's Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program to families and children who qualify. To qualify for the VPK program children must be four years old by September 1st of the school year and families must be residents of Florida.

The vision of this program is to ensure that all the children are ready to succeed when they enter Kindergarten.  Our program supports this vision by providing individualized education plans for the children based on a screening assessment.  Our core curriculum is a research supported play based curriculum, Beyond Centers and Circle Time.  In addition, the school uses two support curriculum, Phonological Awareness and Early Literacy and Growing with Mathematics. 

dreamstimesmall 15865333The staff use the Florida State Standards when preparing lesson plans to ensure the children are learning age-appropriate skills.  Our free VPK hours are from 8:00-11:00. We also provide a wraparound program that allows families the opportunity for their children to come earlier in the day and/or stay later as well as attend our center on days that are non-VPK days but our center is still open.

*NAEYC accreditation (National Assocation for Education of Young Children). We are also members of NAES (National Association of Episcopal Schools).