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To develop each child to his or her fullest potential, spiritually, intellectually, and socially, that each may grow in grace, enjoy freedom through knowledge, and lead a healthy, productive and meaningful life.

Core Values

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  • The school offers an excellent preparation and program, as well as a positive discipline program that is also a resource for families.
  • The school values the strong caring, nurturing relationship between faculty and children; compassion is evident and includes every child.
  • The high quality of the faculty and staff is evident and valued.
  • Strong parish support for the school exists and is a strength for the school.
  • There is a clear desire for a strong, effective Episcopal School.
  • The school (will value) an intentional, structural religious program and spiritual life.
  • The school (will value) a strong feeling of family as they join together in one campus.
  • The school values its positive presence in the community.
  • Welcoming diversity among children and staff is a strong value.
  • The school values its appeal to educational professionals in the community.
  • The school values its relationship with the Early Learning Coalition.